Define: Love – Define: Ethics

I was working on some assigned reading last week and I turned to google to define a word I was not familiar with. Now two google features are involved in the above picture. First, you can type “define:” and a word to search for definitions. Second, google will suggest the top results people searched for. Therefore, the picture above are the top word results people are looking up. These can say some interesting things about our culture and world today. Each of these are revealing, but the one that captured me was “love” and “ethics.” With the broad use of both these words today it is no wonder people need stock definitions of these words. Ethics have become more situational, meaning that you determine what is right based on what seems best to you in that time and place. And love, wow! Just look at a Lady GaGa song set to see how she defines love. It is no wonder we are confused.

If anything, this list points to a reality in which people are searching for definitions. This is a postmodern world, where many things are always in flux. But, people still want a base to work from. We need solid definitions of love and ethics which we can operate from in different situations. I hope as a pastor I can help to define the words of our day in light of the Bible, so the congregation (and I) can live into these words in our life and work. Maybe we can make an impact on the culture!

What do you think?

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