Hearing New Voices

I had dinner with a pastor friend from Clearwater last night. He shared a quote from a conference he is attending. The paraphrase version is; “we need to get new conversation partners every so often. They add new voices to our discussion and fresh perspective.” Makes sense.

I use Google Reader to keep track of blogs I like to read. It struck me the other week that I was not reading a lot of the new posts. I would spend the first few minutes, clearing out the posts I did not find interesting. Some of these authors have important and good things to say. Spend enough time with someone, and you know their usual soapboxes and hot topics. That kind of familiarity is great in marriage and friendship, but in blogs I get board. So I switched up my conversation partners, adding several new blogs like; Seth Godin, Jan Richardson, Donald Miller, and Dilbert. I am looking forward to listening to, and interacting with, these new voices.

Here is what I like to see when I open my reader:

  • Short but Solid: I appreciate those who make their points with just the right amount of words. Ex: Dr. Steve Harper’s Spiritual Formation Blog
  • Creative: Draw me in with a picture, story, or different perspective.
  • Pushy: I want a challenge, something I may not agree with that causes me to think. This makes rich dialogue.
  • Practical: I like productivity. Help me to be more efficient and effective. 
  • Delicious: Just like a Chipolte Burrito, I want to feel I spent my time on something that is quality and pleasantly filling. A post can offer God’s grace, encouragement, or be uplifting.

Question: Who are your conversation partners?

What do you think?

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