Would iPreach with an iPad?

Twice in the past few weeks someone has asked if I use my (work) iPad for preaching. My initial response was no, I do not preach using the iPad. After all, when was the last time your typed and printed outline ran out of batteries? Not to mention, I don’t need my notes to freeze up mid-sermon. It is bad enough when I freeze up.

But then, I thought about the question in a new form. What would an iPad need to do for me to use it in the pulpit? Here is a list of my key features.

  1. Cue Cards: Having crafted the sermon, I could format the points, illustrations, and verses into cue card form. These could easily be flicked through during the sermon. At this point in my preaching, I feel comfortable sticking with the prepared outline. For me, rabbit trails are rarely fruitful.
  2. Presentation Clock: A clock in the corner to keep tabs on how long I am preaching. I tend to preach about 20-25 minutes. Below that, a clock with the current time.
  3. PowerPoint Control: The ability to change slides on my own if needed. Some churches do not have a tech person who can run slides. I do not usually use power point slides, but like to use graphics and images from time to time.The ability to see the current graphic, and the upcoming one would be very helpful.
  4. Congregation Input: I have never sought input or feedback mid sermon. But, I would like to try it one day. I really am interested to know what people are thinking, or how they are tracking with me. The YouVersion bible app offers the ability to do polling. I would like to see the results on the iPad, and could address accordingly, if needed. (Please leave a comment if you have experimented with social input, and what your experience was).

The interface would be designed to add and remove features as needed. If I am not using PowerPoint, I could disable that part, and the display would adjust.  Here is my concept art:

What features would you include on an iPreach app?

What do you think?

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