Stories Collide

In my scripture reading, I am planning a slow reading of Exodus. I intend to read just a chapter a day, which should cover the next month and half. For my own devotional reading, I like to read a book of the bible at a time. I get a better sense of the overall story and composition. Sometimes I choose a book at random, but not this time.

One of my favorite authors is Eugene Peterson. I was given his new book for graduation, The Pastor: A Memoir Eugene, when he served as a pastor, would look for a book in the bible that connected the story of his church to the story of scripture. For example, when his church was first started, and meeting in his basement, they read Acts. The beginning of the first church. Then, as they began to design and build their first church space, they looked to Exodus. Exodus narrates the Israelite’s construction of the tabernacle, their mobile worship center.

At First Church Orlando, we are preparing to move into a new rebuilt ministry center. The long and trying construction will be complete in the next few months. So I turned to Exodus. The book covers the journey out of Egypt, the desert wandering, and the construction of the tabernacle. Exodus comes from the Greek word exodus (see, Greek isn’t hard!). It can be defined as “departure” or “exit.” Our church will depart from the current space to enter a new one. Like Israel, we are doing so under the leading of God, He is the only way we can make it.

I am reading Exodus to let scripture give light to my experience of transition. Likewise, the church’s exodus will help me to better understand some of the feelings of the Israelite’s. I invite any of our members to join with me. Let me know if you will, I want to stay in conversation as we read.

How is God’s story informing your story?

2 thoughts on “Stories Collide

    1. Thanks Candie. I can only imagine how long the church has persevered through the years. I hope this is the time to leave the desert and move into the promised land!

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