Children and Youth

We're Here To Help

No one has this parenting thing completely figured out, but our goal is to partner to support you. We want to work together to support you in nurturing your child and youth's faith development.

Seedling Kids

Ministry for age 0 through 5th Grade
Sunday Mornings during Worship

Your Child’s Sunday Morning Experience

Children are important at Citrus, and your children are welcome in our worship service as much as you (and they!) would like.

If, however, you would like your children to be cared for in our nursery, you may take your children to the nursery before the service (or any time during the service if you wish).

When you come in our main entrance you will find our Seedling Kids check-in stations. There will be someone at the check-in stations who’d love to answer any questions you have.

All children (age 0 years - 5th grade) will be checked in electronically. Your child will receive a nametag with a number and you will receive a corresponding tag which you will need to pick up your child. To sign your child out, again, you will be asked to show your corresponding tag. Please understand this is for the safety of all children. All volunteers and staff at Citrus have passed a background check prior to serving.

Preschool age children can be checked-in to their group's classroom upon arrival. Elementary age children stay with their families during the first 12-15 minutes of worship, then are dismissed to their group's classroom. This practice allows children to become comfortable worshipping with the whole community, and engage alongside their peers.

Citrus Youth

Ministry for Middle and High School students.
Sunday Nights at 6:00pm at The Grovehouse

Your Student's Citrus Experience

Middle and high school is a key formational time in the life of a student. They are learning who they are, how they relate to the world, and how God is active in their lives. We come alongside youth to create safe spaces for their growth with God, connections with others, and ways to serve meaningfully.

On Sunday mornings, we invite youth to "worship two Sundays, serve two Sundays" each month. Youth love to jump in and help out, whether up front with our worship team, teaching children's classes, or behind the scenes with our tech team. We also want them to have the chance to sit among the worshiping community. Our youth leaders, who are all background checked, enjoy helping teens find their fit at Citrus.

On Sunday nights, youth gather at The Grovehouse, our Ministry and Office Space in Summerport from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Our leaders guide them through lessons focused on developing their faith, listening to their experiences, and encouraging them. During the year we plan fun outings and opportunities to serve locally.

New students and students entering middle and high school are always welcome!