Today at Citrus – October 30, 2022

Call to Worship

from Psalm 108

Leader: My heart is unwavering, God.
All: I will sing and make music—
yes, with my whole being!
Leader: Wake up, harp and lyre!
All: I will wake the dawn itself!
I will give thanks to you, Lord, among all the peoples;
Leader: I will make music to you among the nations,
All: because your faithful love is higher than heaven;
your faithfulness reaches the clouds.
Leader: Exalt yourself, God, higher than heaven!
Let your glory be over all the earth!
All: Save me by your power and answer me
so that the people you love might be rescued.


Grace is on our Side
Nothing I Hold Onto
Holy are You Lord
God of Abraham


As you leave this place, remember this:
God causes everything to work together
for the good of those who love God
and are called according to His purpose for them.

So go with confidence to love and serve God.
And may the love of God,
the grace of Jesus Christ,
and the presence of the Holy Spirit
be with you wherever you find yourself this week.

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