Teach Beside Me

Preschool Co-Op

What is Teach Beside Me?

Teach Beside Me is a preschool co-op at Citrus Church with small groups of parents/guardians and their preschoolers in various age groups. It is a time for interacting and socializing while allowing us to introduce more “academics” to our preschoolers in a preschool co-op setting. Our preschoolers are busy learning about the world around them, identifying objects, shapes, numbers, letters, and words. We are here to foster that growth together. Teach Beside Me groups consists of 6 to 8 parents/guardians. Each Parent/guardian teaches on a rotating schedule that takes us through the entire semester (August-December & January-June) We follow the Orange County Public School calendar. Parents/guardians share in the teaching of the program and we make it truly a cooperative venture. Parents/guardians and preschool children all attend Teach Beside Me together and learn together.


Teach Beside Me uses lesson plans based around the Reach, Play, Learn curriculum.

The 2 year old class (must be 2 years of age by September 1st) is a “Letter of the Week” focus, with a book and activities surrounding that week’s letter. The 2 year old class is once-a-week and meets on Tuesday mornings.

The preschool 3 class (must be 3 by September 1st) consist of a theme lasting for two weeks and is based around one story book. The retelling and rereading of the storybooks each day enhance emergent literacy skills, whereas the many activities that are also based on the storybook help promote children’s growth in these areas, cognitive, communication and language, social-emotional, and sensorimotor. Teach Beside Me also incorporates Handwriting Without Tears using lines and curves to introduce letters and teach handwriting. The preschool 3 class meets twice-a-week on Monday & Wednesdays.

Teach Beside Me Parents/Guardians

Parents/guardians agree to teach on a rotating basis. The frequency of teaching is dependent on the size of each Teach Beside Me group. Assuming there is a group of 6 parents and the Teach Beside Me (3 year old) group meets twice a week, then each parent/guaridan agrees to teach once every 3 weeks. For the 2 year old “Letter of the Week” program which meets once a week, the parent/guardian would be expected to teach once every 6 weeks, assuming there are 6 students in the class. Parent/guardian responsibilities include putting together a creative lesson plan around the theme and book.

Each day Teach Beside Me begins with 25 minutes of free play followed by 5 minutes of clean up/transition into circle time and then the lesson and activities. The lesson/activities should be approximately 30 to 45 minutes, followed by snack time, play, closing circle and dismissal. Please note there is a $50 registration fee for the school year.  The only other cost are what you as a parent/guardian choose to spend during your day to teach. In addition some resources may be available to you to borrow during your week to teach, such as bean bags, egg shakers, scarves and a parachute. Please find below a copy of the daily schedule as well as a lesson plan sample for parents/guardians teaching. During days when it is not your responsibility to teach parents/guardians are expected to be there to assist the teacher in any way, as well as teach/learn beside their child.

If for some reason it is your day to teach and you were unable to make it, (sick child, etc.) you would be responsible for trading your day with another parent/guardian and ensuring they have supplies they need for that days lesson.

Interested in Teach Beside Me?

If your child is 2 or 3 years of age by September 1st and you are interested in joining a Teach Beside Me group please fill out a registration form. Teach Beside Me groups are currently meeting at the Citrus Church Grovehouse classroom located directly beside Summerport Park & Keenes Crossing Elementary in Horizon West. Citrus Church Grovehouse is a storefront office/classroom space in Central Parc at Bridgewater Crossings in Summerport.  The preschool classroom is equipped with a circle time area, and preschool sized tables and chairs, centers, snack area, and sensory tables.

Questions and Contact

More questions about Teach Beside Me? Contact the TBM Coordinator or visit our Facebook Group