Friday, April 8, 2022

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Bible Verse: “I am the good shepherd. I know my own sheep and they know me,  John 10:14

Reflection: I must admit that when I chose a lenten devotional, I looked for a date that fit in my schedule, but I didn’t really read the verse at that time. As I am reading this verse now, I have to smile because of the comfort that it gives me. I have always loved the image of Jesus as the Shepherd. Always there to protect us and to care for us, making sure we don’t lose our way. It has been said that Jesus used the image of the shepherd because it helped people to relate to him in that time. The verse says that like the shepherd who knows every single one of his sheep, Jesus knows each of us in that same way. He knows us and loves us so much, that like the shepherd protecting his flock, he would die to protect us.

As we continue to move through the Lenten season, let’s begin to prepare our hearts and our minds for the sacrifice that Jesus, the good shepherd, makes for each of us. Try to remember the love that he has for us and how important we are to him. That way, we can truly remember him and the sacrifice that he made for us this Easter with a grateful heart.

Contributor: Jodi Rowe