Today at Citrus – April 24, 2022

Call to Worship

One: Today is the first day of our week.
All: Lord, help us to find peace and joy in this week.
One: Open your hearts and receive God’s breath of new life.
All: Lord, help us to be ready to hear your words of life.
One: Come, let us worship the Lord with great joy!
All: Praise the Lord! AMEN.


Oh Our Lord
Know Your Heart
Faithful Now
Doxology (Amen)


Peace to you from the One who is and was, and is to come.
Grace and peace to you, from the One who loves us and frees us, the One who gives us repentance and forgiveness.

As God sent Jesus into the world, so the Spirit now sends us to continue God’s holy work.
To God be glory and power forever and ever! Amen.

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