Today at Citrus – February 26, 2023

Call to Worship

based on Matthew 17

Leader: As God called to Moses from the mountain,
People: we are called to be God’s people.
Leader: As Jesus called the disciples to climb with him to the peak of another mountain,
People: we are called to follow wherever he leads.
Leader: As the disciples stood in awe at the sound of God’s voice,
People: we are called to worship in wonder and praise.


How Marvelous – Medley
Worthy of it All
God is So Good


May the Creator who brings light from darkness,
The Spirit who transfigures our torments,
And the Christ who lifts up valleys and brings the mountain’s glory down to earth, make the rough places plain before you and bless you this day and always.
Go, and do not be afraid. Amen

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