Today at Citrus – October 9, 2022

Call to Worship

Leader: We come before God as equal in God’s sight.
People: God knows us thoroughly and loves us completely.
Leader: None of us is perfect and without blemish.
People: Yet God has called us children and asked us to be compassionate and responsible in our caring and witness.
Leader: We are called to joyful obedience in God’s world.
People: Thanks be to God who trusts us and pours abundant love on us. AMEN.


Unto Your Name
Make Room
Create in Me
Take My Life and Let it Be


You have been called to serve the Lord with gladness.

Go from this place knowing that God’s blessings have been poured on you so that you may be a blessing to others.

Be at peace and bring the good news of God’s love and peace to all whom you meet. AMEN.

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