Delaney McCabe

Youth Ministry Coordinator (she/her)

Hey! I’m Delaney, and I serve as the Youth Ministry Coordinator. This spring (2023) I graduate with my Bachelor’s in Clinical Psychology, and I am excited to join the world of ministry. As a teen, I was heavily involved
in my youth ministry. I loved going on mission trips, church camps, and serving the community service non-profit Nerve2Serve. I’ve spent the last four years at UCF (go knights!) serving my college ministry by hosting a small group. I’m passionate about engaging with youth, listening to their ideas, and learning from their unique perspective. I believe that everyone deserves a place to feel loved, especially in middle and high school, and I am blessed to be part of the good work at Citrus Church!

I was born and raised in Florida, so of course I am a big Disney fan. In my free time you’ll find me you’ll find me reading, listening to Billie Holiday, or playing D&D with my friends.